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The house I grew up in was a straight from the 70's ranch style home. Bright yellow shag carpet with a black lava rock fire place. Avocado green bathroom fixtures. Yellow linoleum floor. And that above was the dry wall in the bathroom. Yep four walls with that pattern. And as hideous as it is I still love it. When my parents finally redid the bathroom after dealing with it for 20 years I asked my dad to keep a piece of it for me to frame. My aunt was sweet enough to mat and frame it for me. It will now be going in our bedroom and will be the theme if you will for the bedroom color scheme.


sulu-design said...

Such a cool idea! It's a cool abstract print, but also a bit of nostalgia. I may have to copy you somewhere down the road.

Julie said...

I kind of like it :O) But if your bathroom was really small it would have been overwhelming I'm sure!

LeeAnn said...

The paper is very cool in small doses! I can't image a whole room though!

Sarah and Jack said...

In a frame like that it looks really lovely, not scary at all.

it's me, Val said...

Such a great idea! I really like that color combo. I can't wait to see it up and what you do with the room.

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