Packed and Shipped

Remember me complaining I was tired? Yep I am still tired but I at least kicked myself in the butt to get these fat quarters out to participate in the Vintage Sheet Swap. Just like normal I mailed them just under the wire. What can I say I like to live my life on the edge!

So I have complained alot lately. But I am happy to report if you put things into the universe they may come back to you! Take for example my wishing to have a Flickr Pro account. Thanks to my good friend Rose I have now had one gifted to me. Prepare everyone for "interesting" photos this next year.


Rose Lynn said...

What I think is really ironic is that I gifted you the Pro account before you even posted this and you didn't know it! =D As a thank you, you will have to give me a flickr tute because I am so behind the times with it! Round corners?? HOW DID YOU DO THAT!!?? =D

Katie Jean said...

oh man, I think we live parallel lives :)

I got mine in the mail today. eek, I hope she gets them in time.

misha said...

flickr? lol! you are definately not last!

Angie said...

Wow, I love the patterns on those sheets. Where did you find all of them?

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