One of those days


I am tired. Exhausted really. No joke just lifting my fingers to type is straining all of my energy. I hate days like this. No amount of coffee and nice weather can fix it either I am afraid. Speaking of weather the rain should be scarce this week. We are still having major flooding all over the place though. Major interstates have been closed due to water engulfing bridges. It is insane around here. BFF got hit really hard with the flooding. The garden I helped her plant about a month ago is gone. She and I are both grieving. Though if that is the worst of the losses we have we both are very thankful.

Father’s day here was great. We enjoyed the day as a family and just let the day happen as it wanted to, we weren’t rushed and we just enjoyed each other. Ken is amazing. On father’s day he asked if I wanted to go to a fabric store after we had lunch together. How could I say no? Plus as I went around pulling fabric he kept Leila occupied walking around the store until I was done. How lucky am I? He has finally came around to my sewing obsessed and has put in a few requests. The most pressing? Make a yellow dress for Leila so he can take her to one of the local botanical gardens and take photos. According to him a yellow dress will pop in the photos. We are hoping to go next weekend so I will be sure to share with you all the pictures.

Tonight I just want to cuddle in bed and watch My Fair Lady. Do you think Leila will agree to it? A mom can dream right?

**Sorry this post is all over the place. That is what happens when I post when I am super tired!**


corine said...

My Fair Lady, and maybe some chocolate, or donuts? Or chocolatey donuts?

Lindsay said...

It's so nice to have a husband who supports your interests. You're a very lucky lady!

I love that dinosaur picture! It's so neat looking and definitely worth framing.

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