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I saw the cutest dress at Target today (of course they dont have it online yet) that I want to make for Leila. Basically I want to create a dress with a rounded neckline. Has anyone seen a pattern out there for this type of dress? I have found a few for adults but I want to make a dress for Leila and I am not talented enough yet to downscale an adult pattern. My eyes are going cross eye so any help would be greatly appreciated!

Credits here and here


Rashida said...

this maybe? ^_^

jenn said...
this is a great pattern, can be a top or a dress. Easy and fun! Made several for my 5 year old. Good luck!

beki said...

Jenn beat me to it! I was going to suggest that pattern. You could probably use simplicity 7189 with a larger neck opening.

Gina said...

Sorry can't help you. But they look nice and cool for these hot summer months we been having.

JenR said...

ooo... that pattern from darn*kat that Jenn posted is the best! I've made a few of them and they are sew easy and quick!

little dresses said...

Yep, check out that darn kat, she has it! She is such a sweet person too! You will really like her pattern.

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