We are having major flooding around here in the Midwest. Dams are starting to crumble and houses are falling into the water live on TV. It is crazy around here in South Central Wisconsin. My BFF is dealing with a lake in her backyard that two days ago was a lawn. The waters are rising and are starting to threaten the south side of her house. Bridges are completely under water. Please keep the Midwest in your thoughts as we are no way near the end. Here in Wisconsin we are to have more rain tomorrow.
Our home is fine we are well above the ground (I have never been so happy to live on a second level) but the town in general is not out of the clear. I am also worried for the local farmers the fields were just about to be finally dried out and now they are flooded again. Food prices are going to sky rocket around here.
Sheesh. Here is hoping all you out there are safe and dry!


Lisa K. said...

Oh I just heard on the radio that the Dells are underwater.

Stay dry! Be careful.

We're soggy here in IL, too. I'm crossing my fingers for the sump pump's ability to handle all this water!

it's me, Val said...

It sure has been crazy, hasn't it? My father is in the farm industry. He said in his 34 years, he's never seen anything like this. So many of the farmers don't have flood insurance either. It's so so sad. Farming is one of the most difficult and more unpredictable jobs . . .

Hope you guys are getting drier? We finally are here.

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