This work week has started off as a busy/stressful one. With the combination of poor driving conditions and the flu seeming to plaguing everyone in my office personnel is stressed thing and respondsbilities seem to be mounting on those plates of everyone who is available to come in. It makes for a quick day that is for sure! It also creates an exhusted momma on this end who comes home in the afternoon and really just wants to crash for the rest of the day which I wont allow myself to do, it isnt fair to Leila.

So instead of grip (it is out of my system now thanks!) I want to focus on the things that keep me going:

The sun being out for awhile now when I am home and I can sit in a sunny spot and just SOAK it up dreaming of spring hopefully right around the corner

Baby hugs so tight they take your breath away and melt the coldest of hearts

An amazing husband who has dinner done before I even walk in the door so I get a break tonight

George Foreman and his AMAZING grill (brand spanking new- celebrating its one week birthday!), I dont know how I have ever lived so long without that bad boy!!!

Teaching Leila that a dinosaur goes : Roar. Her roar makes me giggle for hours.

There you go, dont sweat the small stuff and be thankful for all that you have, my mantra to live by!


Katie Jean said...

Thank goodness for babies ;) I love to make Isaiah laugh. His laugh is contagious.

And what a nice husband. That looks delicious!

annie said...

If that photo is the dinner you got to come home to you certainly do have something to be thankful for- what a sweet and industrious husband!

Susan Petersen said...

Alright, so I totally licked the screen, that picture is scrumptious. Recipe? I love this thankful 'Baby hugs so tight they take your breath away and melt the coldest of hearts'. My baby gives the best hugs. Baby hugs are the best.

sulu-design said...

Wow - good for you for keeping your chin up! Roar!

Anonymous said...

It is so important to remember the things that truly make life great.

corine said...

it's good to stop and celebrate daily small joys. A good reminder for me.

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