Dreaming of spring?

I am!

So for me to kind of push spring here a little faster I am going to join this swap. Deadline is today March 1st so if you want to join, go on over!

a. What's your favorite part of spring?
Being able to be outside again with my daughter, it has been a long cold winter this year. I cant wait to get outside, breath some fresh air and take some pictures.

b. What are your favorite flowers?
Tulips and peonies.

c. What types of hobbies/crafts do you enjoy?
I sew mainly, I also do a little knitting and scrapbooking. Sewing is my love/passion.

d. What types of vintage do you collect or look for?
this is tough to pinpoint it. I collect things that call out to me so lets see: vintage fabric (anything from shabby to psychedelic lately I have been obsessed though with "feedsack" patterns), hankies, doilies, quilts, knickknacks (mainly ones that give a "shabby chic" vibe I suppose), hats, purses, gloves, paper crafts (note cards, stationary, postcards), craft books, buttons, thread, really anything sewing related, cookbooks, and ribbons/lace/trim. (nice list eh?)

e. Any allergies or things that you absolutely can't stand?

No allergies. Clowns, they freak the crap out of me!


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