Spring on the brain


I know spring is out there somewhere we keep getting to see small glimpses, here today gone tomorrow if you will. With actual spring temperatures coming around the corner spring cleaning has been up in the front of my mind lately, that is all I think about! Problem now is there is so much I want to do (ie redecorate the bedroom) that I dont know where to begin. Oh and sewing, all I want to do is sew I need to list all of the projects because I know I am forgetting older ones as I keep getting inspired by new projects floating around out there.


sulu-design said...

I swear, I did read your post, but I was totally distracted the whole time by your adorable daughter and her ridiculously cute boots!

it's me, Val said...

Oh how precious!! I can't wait till you get your camera. You already do such a great job. Wait till you have it. You will fall in love!!

Anonymous said...

I have about a billion projects that I'm either working on, thinking about, or that are lying in wait. I think I need to make a list, too.

Your daughter is the cutest!

Jessica said...

Hi! i saw your comment on my blog and of course had to leave a comment! its great when i blog stalk and i find people i think i have a lot in common! looking at your pictures just cracked me up, because i have alot of the same moments with my girls. so fun! anyway, thanks for visiting my blog, i may have to visit back often :)

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