I think with the weather warming up across the country and Spring is on everyones mind Spring crafting is in the air. For me color palettes are jumping up everywhere and the color combos are bright and bold something I normally don’t do! My favorite color set right now is Dark Purple, Hot Pink, Bright Orange, and Dark Brown. Not really your typical spring palette but more of a Moroccan palette I would say. I think a quilt is in order for this color palette, now my favorite part, fabric shopping/destashing!!! Do you have any favorite color combos lately that just wont leave your mind?

crochet bracelet - brown, 2. Pink and Purple, 3. Hot Pink Votives, 4. i *hearts* orange, 5. orange skein, 6. brown quilt (detail), 7. PURPLE HAZE, 8. detail, 9. Pretty in Purple Mosaic, 10. Brown ribbon jumble, 11. Miniature dolls house orange table setting, 12. Brown Dress with Pink Accents, 13. Hot Pink Baby Grand, 14. Hot Pink ribbon jumble, 15. Big Orange Owl, 16. purple bangle


Andrea said...

I am really liking an orange-cremesicle color and bright pink. It is such an unusual combination but for some reason I am really liking it lately. I think you choice will be on my mind too though because I found it inspiring!

wondermommy said...

I don't have any colors that won't leave me alone, but I realized the other day that I have gingham out of my mind. I have bought gingham in almost every shade...I don't even really like gingham all that much, but I guess it is just Springy!

PicturesFromMe said...

steffy i wanna get a really good Digital SLR camera! do you or ken have any ideas about what i should get i want to get into more serious photography something that will let me do action shot!

Ziakoko said...

Orange is really popular this year I've been comission to make chilli, fuschia, deep cream brown and purple silk stripe curtains to match a chandelier, I think they be too lovely to send!

it's me, Val said...

I looooove your inspiration pages!!!

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