Body Art

So this weekend I finally got to cleaning my sewing area. I think the main reason I havent sewn is really I couldnt get to my sewing machine. I was bound and determined to do it. Things were going well relatively quiet, and as any mother knows or will soon learn there is a point where it gets to be too quiet and trouble ensues. Here is what my daughter did with her quiet time.

She wanted tattoos like mommy I suppose. Now this picture doesnt really show how she was after she was caught with her new body art.

This is more like it, a blur, oh and see the mess in the background that would be the starting of getting my sewing area clean. Yea I know.

I love this one just because she was flapping her arms around like a bird and basically gave herself phantom limbs!

So what did I learn from this? Any moment is a chance to laugh and enjoy life. And that my friends is exactly what we did!


it's me, Val said...

The "tattoos" . . . way too cute :)

it's me, Val said...

I meant to tell you that I love your header, too. That picture of Leila . . . priceless!

Sarah and Jack said...


(I have been hiding the pens for a long time, but Jack is onto me.)

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