Craft Weekend Part 2

As promised the conclusion of Rose and my crafty weekend.

Rose creates the cutest memory/photo boxes using empty cigar boxes. You can see some of her work here. So at first I drew a blank what to do but as I was going through my stacks of paper I came across a fashion clothing sketch that I had squirreled away. And then the inspiration hit. This box will be put somewhere on my craft desk probably to hold buttons or thread, I havent decided yet.

The inside isnt finished yet but I am so thrilled with the front that when the inside is finished it gets finished. Thanks again Rose for the great crafty weekend!


Rose Lynn said...

That box turned out so good! It will be fun to finish the inside, but it does look fabulous just the way it is! I had a blast, thanks again for being a wonderful host :-) Cant wait till we do it again!! :-D

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