Toys and Tools to try


(this picture has nothing to do with the list, just love how Leila likes to dress herself!)

This list is gonna be fun since we are shortly going to be homeowners (eek... sorry I know I have talked about packing a lot lately!) there are new toys Ken and I are super excited to play with!

1) Circular saw: we are wanting to build our own furniture and thanks to this website, I really think we can!
2) Push Reel Lawn mower: our yard is decent but not too big that using a man powered lawn mower would be too big of a chore.
3) Polaroid camera: I have a few that I have collected and briefly played around with them I am excited to bust them out again since I recently found a stack of film I had stashed while packing!
4) Wax: I have been wanting for a VERY long time to add wax to my paintings and this is the year!
5) Serger: I have had one for two years that I have never touched (I know I know I have this huge fear of sewing my fingers together, dont know why since I have no fear of doing this with my sewing machine) no more fear, plus I have lots of home sewing to do, hello curtains!

I couldnt trim my list so here is one extra

6) Spray paint! Odd I know but since we live on a second floor apartment to lug things down to paint them and make sure I have drop clothes etc to paint furniture it has been a bit of a pain. Plus as a bonus I can use it in my artwork more easily thanks to an outdoor studio in my future!


Rebecca said...

If you're into building furniture you really need to check this out I'm in love with the stuff my husband and I were able to build

Artsy Momma said...

Thanks Rebecca!

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