Things I'll put off until tomorrow

trust in the mess

So since we are super sick this weekend (every last one of us ugh!) this is an easy one!

1) vacuuming
2) picking up the toys that are strewn EVERYWHERE (seriously its like a mini toy bomb went off in our living room!)
3) getting out of my pjs (kinda have to, we have a no pj rule at work *smile*)
4) packing
5) ending the poor me I'm sick pitty party. In my defense I really havent gotten to have a big pitty party as most moms can tell you even if you are sick as can be it doesnt really matter even if one other person has the sniffles and in my case the kids are battling the same painful cold/flu as I am!


Creatively yours Fi said...

Sorry to hear:( My daughter and I are crook too!! just makes life that bit more difficult doesn't it!? Love your girl picture :) I'm just getting into using newspaper as collage also...fiddly but fun. get better soon:)

Jenn said...

This totally sounds like something that I would write :) I'm get getting over a cold myself, hope you are all feeling better soon!!

P.S. - You are completely right, when mom's are sick they are still expected to do anything and everything!

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