My Happy Place


Hey guys first off sorry for falling off the face of the earth first we got over a nasty cold and then well it got nice out and life just went on without me be attached to the computer! So lets pick up back where we left off shall we?

1) that above photo, its my make-shift art table that has allowed me to paint in the wee hours of the night while baby boy Valen is sound asleep
2) flea market, thirft stores, garage sales, estate sales, antique stores. Man I LOVE junking!!!
3) my childhood home, there is something about going up there for a weekend and doing absolutely nothing but hanging out with my parents, helping with yard work and watching WAY too many movies!
4) anywhere with my kiddos and hubby, but there is a stipulation, it is way happier if everyone is in a good mood.
5) a beautiful spring day laying out on a blanket looking up at the clouds and trying to find images in them.

What about you? I would love to hear about your happy place(s)!


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