Happy March 1st!

So this March I have taken a challenge. The 30 Days of Lists challenge. I havent really looked at the prompts so each day I will just go with the flow and write 5 (or more) things to each of these prompts. Hope you will join me!

Challenges to Accept
1) Less TV time (since I have stopped facebook for a few weeks TV has taken up that spare time, need that to stop!)
2) Get myself out there more by teaching my art style
3) Vlogs or tutorial videos
4) Read a book (I used to be SUCH a book worm, sad to say I havent cracked open a book probably in a year besides Dave Ramsey's Total Money Makeover. Maybe the time I am spending off of facebook and watching less tv should be spent getting lost in a good book)
5) More home cooked "multi" stepped meals. Right now the most complicated thing I seem to make is Mac & Cheese. Needless to say I have been blessed with a husband who is an amazing cook and I have been taking full advantage of it to the point that my kids now point it out (eek!)

I hope that is what that prompted meant, now I am second guessing myself!


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