It has been a long week. I am pretty private about my day job there is a lot of confidentiality with it so I dont share about it here. Lets just say it has been one of the longest weeks of my life and it didnt only effect me the kids whole schedule has been turned upside down this week. Next week we go back to my normal schedule and hopefully the kids go back to being goofy/happy/loving. So to celebrate my kids, and that we got through this week semi-intact enjoy these photos of the kids being their "normal" selves. Enjoy this weekend, I know I will!

Goofy Kids
Kenson has discovered he can put food on his head, butter bread seems to be a favorite around here!

Goofy Kids
Leila not to be out shined decided to place a bucket on her head, I love that it matches her pjs!


Rosa said...

They are way too cute! It must be a bundle of laughs in your house. I love how they look so much alike.

I hope things get back to normal and you three and hubby get to enjoy more time together.

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