Old typewriter help

(I love this photo)

Here are just some random thoughts. I have to get back on this posting thing and for right now with the mush that is my brain randomness will be what I have for awhile!

-I am working on collecting vintage pieces that deserve a new home (ie stuff I have had in closets for years still with price tags on them that I never used in my daily life) photos will be taken and will be offered up to a new home as long as postage is paid *smile*

-TMZ is my guilty pleasure lately, no shame to say that

-watching hoarders scares me that I am a hoarder of art supplies

-we still have not come up with a baby name

-I love quoting reports I hear on NPR at work

-I feel the most productive I have in a long time, except for the amount of painting I want to do.

-I have eaten the same thing for dinner for a week now

-pillow pets are slowly taking over the world

-I really want to take more pictures of the kids this year

-I wish I had better snarky things to say in this post

-I am loving netflix streaming

-I have WAY too much laundry to do

-YAY for Friday!!!


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