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So are you wanting to get your creative juices flowing??!?!?!?! Here is a list (that keeps growing) of ongoing classes, some that are already started and closed (hoping they will have another session so stay tuned) and classes coming up soon. I am amazed at how much now is available online and I know I have NO WHERE scratched the surface. So do you have any classes online or in person you are jonesing to take? Here are a few that I would love to take (I need more hours in the day!)

She Art Workshop This one is a pretty for sure class for me. I just hope that I have enough time to dedicate to it since it starts right after my due date (eek!)

Get your paint on I will probably pass on this one but it sounds amazing!

Creativity Workshop Something I will hold on to when the mid year creative funk hits!

Stretching Within Wish I could have made this one work out in my budget (stupid bills) hoping to hold on to this link for upcoming classes!

Inspire my life An in person weekend at my friend Kim's place. I love this concept. Her birthday is right around mine so this may be my birthday gift for myself!

Glitter Workshop Classes I really want to go to the owl painting class but I am thinking I will miss her class again (this is her second) I would hate to go into labor during class!

Valley Ridge I have heard nothing but amazing things for these retreats. Right now out of my budget but I am hoping I can get someone to watch the kids for a long weekend and I pinch my pennies I can afford a potential life changing workshop!

Mixed Media Resin I have taken a few of Wyanne's classes and I love them! She does amazing things with resin and I have always wanted to work with the medium.

Soul Restoration
This is also a closed class but I am hoping I can participate in the future. It is one of those classes I had a feeling I really would want to dedicate my heart and soul to and right now I just dont have enough time to full give it the attention it deserves!

So there you go, hopefully I have opened your world to a few more art classes out there!


wyanne said...

Thank you for mentioning my classes. I really appreciate it! ♥ Love, Wyanne

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