Custom Work

So I have been wanting to share these photos for a week now and each day I have forgotten to load the pictures up to save. It has been one of those weeks. Dont believe me? Yesterday we had a gas leak in our apartment building. That was a fun adventure! I have never seen so many fire trucks at a building I lived at! On the plus sides to this, it wasnt too late in the night (6PM), it wasnt too cold for Wisconsin standards, we have AMAZING neighbors and were invited into their home to stay warm and enjoy some homemade pizza. What could have been pretty scary/dangerous was handled properly and in the end everyone got to go to bed feeling safe and sound!

So yep I am having one of "those" weeks. So enough about the week that I am glad has passed, and on to art photos. I was commissioned to make this for a great customer that I had met at a show earlier this year. This was made for her daughter's birthday. Favorite colors: yellow, cream, and pink. Those colors I can work with *smile* I love this little princess and I hope with all my heart she does as well!

WIP 006
This was taken originally to be a teaser... (see I thought this through!)

pretty princess- custom piece
I tried to get a decent photo of the finished piece. Unfortunately my photos did it no justice at all. It is so pretty in person (in my own opinion of course!)

Custom piece
my favorite part is probably the lace edge and the fun of being able to antique up the canvas.

So there you go, creative juices are back and I have a whole lot to create this weekend for a new store carry my artwork in IL. Pictures to come soon! Enjoy your weekend.


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