Oh great minds

Messy room

Ok I need help from all of you amazing, knowledgable, creative parents out there. How the heck do you get your toddlers to keep their room clean?!?!?!? Threatening to donate all the toys that arent put away doesnt work. We have actually donated a bag of toys and still we are dealing with battles. So we follow through but I need a new battle plan! Help!


Jovani's Momma said...

make it fun, make it a game... It works pretty well. Plus limit the number of toys out at one time. Put some away and rotate a new bunch every couple of months. It keeps playing fresh and exciting, and the less out the less that has to be picked up which seems like less of a chore.

Rosa said...

I am no-nonsense. I have 3, as you soon will too, so I take away their favorite thing. If is dessert that one always expects, or I take away TV time, or I take away a favorite snack and juice. You can't get this until you do that.

My oldest is a cleaner/organizer. The hardest thing for her is picking up her clothes from the floor, but if you saw her dresser and bookshelf, you'd think she is OCD.

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