We are trying new things around here. Less TV a lot more make believe. In the last 24 hours giants, princesses, and dinosaurs have visited. My daughter has been a doctor, princess and party planner. I have magically turned into momma horse too many times to count.

Life in general has been anything but easy. I wont complain I have had it easy for so long it is my turn to rid someone else of the tough time burdens. It is amazing that what is meant to be will be either the easy or the hard way you dont have any other choices. I am glad I have my faith and know that I am in good hands. Doesnt mean I am not praying, we have daily, sometimes it seems hourly conversations!

Oh and if Leila asks, you dont know how to fix an unplugged "broken TV" (wish me luck I am a background noise kinda girl so no TV for me is gonna be hard!!!)


Margaret @ Konstant Kaos said...

when my daughter is at my mothers place, she had the TV on all the time. While at our place, we tend to have tv-off time and Tori comes into the sewing room and sits at her table and plays with my patchwork squares and helps me (somehow). So I understand where you are coming from.

sulu-design said...

Oh, no! I'm so sorry to hear that things have been out of whack recently. It sounds, though, like you're handling it all with your chin up (and with a cheeseburger in hand, as it should be).
I love that the TV is "broken." I just hope you don't break your back doing too many momma horse moves. Have fun playing pretend, and here's hoping things get better.

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