1 year ago today


An amazing little, insanely chilled out little boy came into our lives.

A drool monster, cuddler, and relaxed soul, you melt even the coldest of hearts.

This year has flown by, thank you for making it so easy. I was worried how things would go as a momma of two but you little man have made it easier than I ever expected. You are just happy almost all of the time and so easy going, we are blessed to have you around. Plus it is all new to me to have a child who is attached to me your sister has always been pretty independent, I wont lie I love having a "momma's boy".

I hope you get your fill of cake and you like the gift your sister picks out for you. I hope you get everything you dream of in the years to come little man!

We love you so Kenson!


daintydaisies said...

Happy Birthday kenson!!! :) I have a little Mama's boy too.. and it is kind of nice. My daughter has always been more independant maybe that is an older sister younger brother sort of thing! We are lucky.. I love having one of each!

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