Happy Friday


Yay! We made it through the week. I think finally just maybe the clouds are starting to part and it might start shining around these parts again. Kenson is feeling better. I am pretty sure he has weaned himself and while that has given me mixed emotions it also was not something I control even if I wanted to. Time to move on go. So on to the picture today. Leila is still using one of our digital cameras pretty regularly to take photos herself. Last week she learned how to use the self timer! She now thinks about the pose she is about to do and waits for the camera to take picture. It cracks me up and thrills me. She is one creative 3 year old and I really think no matter what she does in life she will create her own path.

Happy Friday everyone, and I am glad to say it really is a happy Friday!


Rosa said...

You've got a budding artist!

sulu-design said...

My first instinct was simply to comment on what an adorable photo of your daughter this is (what an adorable haircut). But when I read your post and saw that she's using the timer and taking self-portraits?!? Hysterical - I love it!

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