Knitting bug


So turns out I am not sick, just have a knitting bug! OK well that isnt completely true but I have been itching to knit A LOT lately and finally this weekend I stole a few minutes and whipped up this cute bow I have had in my brain all week last week. It was originally for Leila but since she doesnt like anything in hair again lately (who knew?) my Blythe doll was happy to oblige. I have a feeling I may be up in my ears with knitted bows soon but I really cant help it besides, super fast super quick there is no better project!

This is super easy but if someone would like me to make a tutorial let me know!


daintydaisies said...

Need a place to sell them??? Hmmmm dainty daisies would LOVE them! ;) I also was wondering do you have any pattern collage magnets left??? Would love those too....


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