Winter Freeze


These photos seem fitting today. I know most of the nation is in a deep freeze and if I position my office chair just right (basically into the hallway) I can the see the snow coming down around here.

I cant take credit for these photos however, my amazing husband took them. Photography is his secret love, he doesnt get to do it often but it is a passion for him. I hope he one day gets to live his dream of traveling the world just taking pictures. How amazing would that be.

Me I am not focused like him. He can sit for what seems like an eternity (to me) to get one shot. Me? I just click away hoping I got a good one, no thought, no skill and no technique behind it. I really hope to take some of his focus and internalize it and really just submerse myself in a photo expedition in one of these up coming months.

Until then? I will just keep enjoying looking at his few and far photos and keep clicking my shutter button till my my finger cramps *smile*


Kelley BO said...

The pics, especially the one of the tree, are AMAZING! Ken certainly has the talent to be a pro photog!

Goji said...

Wonderful pics!

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