Embracing the artist in me


I have an amazing best friend (BFF) this year we decided to do a thrift Christmas so all of the gifts were to be purchased from a thrift store. I slightly broke part of the rule (most of her gifts were from a thrift store) I made her a painting. I recently took an online course and I cant tell you how thrilled I was. I created this one in mind for BFF. It turned out a little more tie-dyed then I would have liked but still as a first go I am pretty thrilled. And because my BFF is such an amazing supportive friend she already has it hung up in her home.


Maria said...

your supper artistic i love the eyes they sparcle. your pic makes me wanna draw lol.

daintydaisies said...

It is GREAT!!! I looove it! :)You are amazingly talented! xo!

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