52 Weeks- Week 1


52 Weeks Project- Week 1

New year new challenges right? I stumbled upon this blog, how I cant remember but none the less I found it. So this year I will be taking a self portrait a week. I am hoping to compile all of the images at the end of the year and create a blurb book to give to each kids so that when they become teenagers/adults they can see a small glimpse to what early motherhood was like for me. I am not sure if I am hoping this will be a life changing project, I am hoping it will get me more used to being in front of the camera and pushes me to do more than just pictures of me and the kids at an arm length away (hello tripod- still dont have a fancy clicker thing so the 10 second timer is my friend!). This picture the only thing I see is my pony-tail and how wrong it is in so many ways. In a year, I hope I see so much more past that.

So if you are up for a challenge, join me! 52 pictures in one year, seems pretty harmless to me!


Rosa said...

I love this idea. I am going to do it too. Because I failed at the 365 photos, I can totally do one a week.

I love your photo. You all look so cozy and cute in your kitchen; the hub of the home, I'm sure.

Kelley BO said...

Oh Stef...I just adore you and love you so much! :-) What an adorable first picture for your new project-I bet the kids are going to grow up LOVING this kind of thing. You're starting new traditions every day and those are some lucky (and quite beautiful, I might add) kids!

beki said...

I like this! I'm already doing a 365 photo challenge (did it last year), but I think I'll try to do one self portrait a week to fit into this theme. Thanks for sharing.

Kelly Milligan said...

I love it! I am in!

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