52 Weeks


Tuesday already, how the heck did that happen? (and by the time most of you read this it will be Wednesday!) Wow has this week already flown and it feels like it just started.

So week four of my 52 weeks and I wanted to focus on what I dont really like all that much about me. My eyebrows. I have been gift by genetics bushy man eyebrows. I have tried waxing and plucking (and these have been plucked recently) for a good 6 months I didnt do anything with them until my uni-brow took over and it was time to put up the white flag and pluck the suckers. I would love beyond love to meet someone who really knows eyebrow shaping. Of all the frivolous things I imagine spending money on if I was rich beyond rich would be paying top dollar for someone to make my eyebrows gorgeous. And feel horrible to say this but my children have also been gifted my uni-brow. Kenson it wont be such an issue but Leila poor Leila I will have to apologize all the time during those tough teenage years!

Odd thing to be focus on but really the first thing I notice about people are there eyebrows.

What do you focus on? My husband has a thing for noses, he always has something to say about peoples noses. Please tell me we arent the only weird ones out there that focus on one thing about people first before we take in the rest!


corine @ hidden in france said...

I don't notice eyebrows but I do notice skin. I guess we notice what we're most obsessed or negative about in ourselves.

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