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What would you incorporate into your life if money or time were readily available?

I would incorporate more music. I.E. learning to play and jamming out with a ton of different instruments. We listen to music all the time, we sing (out of tune mostly) and have dance parties but I havent played a musical instrument since I was 17. I want to learn the guitar and the piano and maybe the violin. Having time to do that would be amazing and giving my kids the chance to embrace music even more would be rewarding to me. Music has always been a way for me to express my life. Certain songs are my soundtrack and no matter what kind of day I am having there is a song that hits my emotions just right. I would love to be able to express myself through my own music to give that to the world to help others collect songs for their own life soundtracks.

What about you? Have other questions you want to ask? This is fun, ask and I shall answer.

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Boracay beach hotel said...

That’s interesting. Well, my question is… its lame actually! But here goes… “Why do people have unique attitude, characteristics, likes and dislikes…”you know stuff like that.

Home and land packages said...

I’m always curious about dreams so my question is about the “mysteries of dreams”. Why do we have dreams?

UPrinting said...

This is definitely some food for thought.
If I had money and time available, among other things I would really dedicate more to helping others. Either through donations to charitable institutions, helping in research, stuff like that. This way, I can share the blessings that I've received to others too.

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