Look Ma!


Creativity around these parts has been minimal but still slightly existent. I blame it on the hot weather but really I just have had less time to sew since most of my time is keeping two little ones busy. I am still working out our flow in the house. Just as I think I have it set Mr. Kenson throws me a curve ball like babies are suppose to do!

Lucky for me I have a quilting bee that forces me to at least get the sewing machine out once a month. This in itself has been such a learning and growing process for me. This quilting bee has made me want to get better because I dont want to disappoint anyone in the group with a poorly made square.

I hope everyone's summer is winding down, and lots of summer activities are getting crammed in. We are enjoying the dog days of summer and just trying to slow down and do less. This summer has been nothing but curve balls for me but as my new favorite saying goes: uncertainty is the only certainty. Enjoy!


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