So for awhile I have been watching my feed number goes up. I dont know what I am reading really but I know I have over 100 people following my feed. I know for "big time" bloggers that is peanuts, for me, that is a huge deal! So I want to know who is reading/following. The one way to get people out of hiding is to give free stuff, so here goes. Another giveaway. Send me a comment letting me know you follow my blog, what state/country (if outside of the USA) you are at, your favorite crafty endeavors, and if you dont like crafts tell me if you like chocolate or books better. I will leave this giveaway up until the end of the month. Pick a random winner and send you a care package of either, crafts, chocolate, or a gift card to get yourself a book of your liking. Sound fair enough? I hope so. I really want some formal introductions!

Oh and the picture? Nothing to do with the post I just cant get enough of the baby boy!


LeeAnn said...

I think internet and crafting go hand in hand. It's amazing the amount of tutorials and inspiration just one little person in Anytown, USA (or the World for that matter) can come up with. And you are no exception. I visit you from Pennsylvania and crafting with fabric is my favorite. But sewing does get better with chocolate!

Yvonne said...

I am a (mostly) quilter from Oslo, Norway. I don't remember how I came across you blog - probably bloghopping. I think I've been following you blog since around fathers day (going back in your blog I remember that picture). I don't have the time and energy to keep a blog myself anymore - but I love and appreciate all the other blogs out there. Keep it up.

sulu-design said...

Shoot, girl. You know I'm here in Portland, Oregon, working away on earrings as always. But since you mentioned it, I far prefer chocolate to crafting!

Sarah said...

Hi! I subscribe, and I am in Ohio. Sewing is my favorite thing right now, but I'm also into sprucing up my home (when I'm not chasing after kids, of course).

Anonymous said...

I'm from Scotland and came to your blog by chance, I will now add to my favourites. I am a knitter and we have a little group on Ravelry called Kilmarnock Knitters. I will be back to read you, just going to add you now.

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