Some more sewing was done this past weekend. And as a thank you gift I created those little pillows from some table linens. What do you think of the bag styles? I keep going back and forth on them.


Katie Jean said...

I like your bags styles a lot. very cute!

And the pillows are super cool!

diana @ please sir said...

Wow...so cute!

Amy said...

I like your bags as is..the first on is my fav.

Susan Petersen said...

Those bags are really cute.

it's me, Val said...

Do you have these on your etsy? I love the bags and the pillows are stunning! I'd love to order a pillow, too.

I may just have one big order with you! ;)

sulu-design said...

Your bags are just adorable!
And thanks for sharing your husband's photos the other day... interesting to see how two different people interpret the same day!

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