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I have artsy-fartsy ADD I always have. Sewing I always come back to but photography has always been a secret love of mine. I used to take a million photos when I was a teen and now. Well now I am in love again. This time with a medium I had never tried and thanks to some great photo blogs I took the plunge and now I am driving all over the place to pick up film before I can only find it on ebay. The top photo is a handful of the recent photos I took this weekend. And the group of bowls? It is my favorite so far. Now I just have to convince Ken that we really DO need a scanner so I can start showing these online properly. Oh and the next medium? I am going to try 126-film if it kills me!


it's me, Val said...

Those are awesome!

I love Polaroids, too. I actually had a friend shoot some at my wedding because I love how they look. And every so often I'll get mine out and play with it. Have you ever tried a Polaroid transfer? Now those rock!!

Love your medium, here! But why of course, right?

Marilyn said...

Nice to meet you Artsy Momma, thanks for de-lurking and entering my giveaway. Good Luck!

Kathy said...

I love photo blogs. You don't have to work to enjoy them. These pictures are really good!!

corine said...

There is a rumor that polaroid is no longer going to produce and sell those. What a shame. I hope it's not true.

JLC Studio said...

Wow! Those are great!! I'm totally itching to get a polaroid camera...they're gonna make a huge comeback at this rate!

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