2am wake-up call


No one warns you when you have a baby that after they start sleeping through the night there are still nights that you will have a 2am wake-up call that is non stop crying.

No matter what you do the crying wont stop. Sit stand rock nothing but tears.

We had a rough night last night which meant a day home from work otherwise I would have fallen asleep at the wheel from exhaustion.

Oh and the following morning through the cuddles and tears all that keeps the calm is thumb sucking and a dinosaur. Yep those are life lessons you will never find in any book.


Anonymous said...

Mine are 4 & 8 and that still happens. Litle one's go thru a period of night terrors.. no fun at all! I am glad you guys are feeling better!


PicturesFromMe said...

ok now did she bite off the dinosaurs hand or did kelly lol?

corine said...

She looks incapable of causing harm. You're obviously making this up : )

Kathy said...

Hi, just stumbled into your blog while browsing around...they also don't tell you that if you have more than one kid...say three for example...that there may be night where you are up with EACH child a multiple of times for a multiple of different reasons. Consider yourself warned. ;)

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