Let me start off by saying I have had self esteem issues my whole life. As a mother of a girl I am terrified that she will go through the same struggles I have. I cant shelter her as much as I wish I could but really is it so wrong to wish that kids would just be kids?

I am really upset, angry, sadden by the "newest Hollywood scandal" Miss Miley Cyrus and her (in my opinion) overly sexual pictures from Vanity Fair. When was it that young girls started to feel pressured into being sexual objects when many of them havent even or just hit puberty!?!?!? Seriously.

I am angry at her parents, I am angry at the magazine I am angry at the photographer. They all were using clouded Hollywood thinking. Little girls much younger than even 15 look up to her, what message does that send to them?

I am angry because there is nothing I feel I can do, Leila is too young to know what is going on and by the time she is old enough to "idolize" the media as most children do, as hard as their parents try to control it, I am hoping and wishing that by that age there has been a big enough backlash that kids get to be kids again and are no longer rushing the image of adulthood. Seriously I am an adult I would much rather be a kid.

As a parent I am outraged that another parent would willing put their child's image out there in a way that adult men may take pleasure while viewing those pictures. To me that is wrong in every sense of the word. Shame on them, if any other parent was to do something like that the police and child services would be on their door.

I am sick of Hollywood I am sick of the messages it is sending out to the general public, especially impressionable minds.

Seriously if I didn't like blogging and my electrically charged sewing machine I would become Amish.


Lindsay said...

Totally agreeing with you. It scares me to death to think of my daughter when she gets to middle school age, because there is SOOO much out there to worry about--sex, drugs, peer pressure--and that's just before lunch! I keep hoping she'll have inherited my husband and my strong nerd genes so that it won't be an issue, but we'll see...

daintydaisies said...

Well said! My daughter loves Miley(Hannah Montana)... what to do! I just hope she does not hear about all of that! It is so sad... I totally agree with you! Why would a parent do that! I think we need to take control of our children and teach kids that being a kid is ok.. (The schools need that lesson too!)

Julie said...

I just went searching for the pictures. When I found them I read the article with it and I thought this summarizes it all.

"Unfortunately, as the article suggests, a situation was created to deliberately manipulate a 15-year-old in order to sell magazines."

rohan9ca said...

Amen to that! And her parents were on the set of the photoshoot! What parent in their right mind would allow their 15 year old to pose like that? It's sickening. My niece loves her and looks up to her--I just tell her that these people are not what they seem all of the time, and not to idolize their way of life.

dizzyjadey said...

Me too! Even on the backwater island I live on it was plastered all over the news. I would rather kids stay kids longer, like when I was a kid.

corine said...

I'm not sure I entirely believe her apology. I think that what is going on is that she is a commodity and they are transitioning her from one audience to the next. The sexy pictures and the apology sound like a charade to me.

Madonna has found a solution: her daughter doesn't get to ever watch TV. maybe that's the key. If I had daughters I would enroll them in a lot of sports and they would not have access to MTV. call me square but all the little girls I know are way sexualized in the way they dress and act. Parents can hardly fight the system.

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