Check... All done

I love doll quilts. they allow me to be creative and keep working on my hopefully improving quilting skills. Everything with this quilt was going along smoothly until I got full of myself and rushed the binding. Leave it to me to rush and mess something up. I hope my partner can look past the wonky binding because in all honesty this has been my best quilt to date. I just may have to make a similar one for Leila's babies.

Please forgive the horrible photos, also taken in a rush right before sunset. I hope my partner can get a few better pictures up of it. Oh and the embroidery? The pattern was bought at this etsy shop. She doesnt have one up for sale right now but I would say either contact her or wait a few days a new posting I would think would be up.

Now off to draft a few new purse ideas. Cant wait to attack those bad boys! The feeling of getting things accomplished is priceless!


g said...

this is so sweet - I love it!

christina said...

That is too cute!

Lindsay said...

Rushed or not rushed, it's very cute!

corine said...

precious and adorable.

Jelly Wares said...

Thankyou so much!!! I received my little quilt today in the post and I love it... It's different and very original but all the same I love it... Also, thanks for all of the extra goodies... I especially love the pink ric-rac..

Jodie :)

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