Stop Rushing

I rush things. I have always been that type of person, I want things now, I want the end result I don’t want to mess with everything in the middle. I am that way with crafting I hate the prep I love the results. Though what is most disheartening is I find myself doing this with Leila growing up. When she was first born I couldn’t wait until she sat up. Then it was until she crawled, until she walked, and now until she can talk. I don’t know why I rush these things. I honestly always keep trying to get myself to live in the moment to cherish those special small moments that go by with a blink of the eye.

The hardest time to do this is recently during those “bad” days when Leila is becoming her own little person who is frustrated at something and can’t express it yet, she screams at the top of her lungs, an ear drum piercing scream. I remind myself though that she is only small once and enjoy every minute of it, because before I know it she will be a teenager screaming again and I will have to tell myself to breath and enjoy it because she will only be a teenager once. But enough of that I don’t want to think THAT far ahead.

This past weekend we had a good dumping of snow. Leila was alright with it, she didn’t scream when we put her down to walk though she did grunt at the snow when she couldn’t walk normally due to drifts. I love seeing her all bundled up, waddling like a little penguin!

Oh and Kelly-Pup she absolutely LOVED running around and in the snow!


rashida said...

Oh my gosh...I'm the exact same way. Can't wait. Need it now, now NOW!
My Bella's 18 months and I'm dying for her to talk. I know I'll probably take it back when she starts though. lol Leila looks so cute all bundled up! I'm sure she and Bella would have a ball waddling around together in the snow. ^_^ Enjoy it!

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