Feeling the holiday cheer?

We (I) out up our tree last weekend while Leila napped. This week has been the week of teaching the skill of looking not touching. Well, actually it been the week of wait until Mom’s back is turned to take off another ornament and give it to the dog to eat *sigh* None the less the tree has put me in a happy mood. I went very “untraditional” this year.

The tree is a white tree with bright ornaments. My favorite thing though are these amazing wood ornaments I found. I got them at an estate sale this summer, there was an entire room FULL (and I am not even exaggerating) of them boxes and boxes of them were laid out. I held myself back and only bought 20 or so. I wish I would have bought another 50 seriously they are so dang cute! I blame it on the fact that I bought them in the sweltering heat and Christmas was the farthest thing on my mind. Next year I plan to make my own to add to the collection.

This weekend. I am sewing my little (big) butt off. Here is to 11 days to go (eek!). This weekend for me is now or never since next weekend is our holiday get togethers. Here’s hoping for a long and productive weekend.


Waldeck Dry Goods said...

Good luck! After my craft show tomorrow, I can finally start sewing some gifts. Only 11 days?!?

rashida said...

*gasp* I LOVE your white tree! ^_^ I've been thinking of getting one myself. Where did you get yours?

Sarah and Jack said...

I never pass up ornaments, no matter how blessed hot it is. :-)

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