A New Challenge


So after a month of daily blogging (minus 2 days away from civilizations) I am ready to give myself a new challenge. I am giving up TV. For a week. Cold turkey for a week is a great enough challenge and if I succeed this week I will try for another week. Here is the background on my life. The TV was always on, even if we weren’t watching it, it was on for the background noise. I didn’t have one in my bedroom growing up (thank god) but I do now (Shame on me). So the TV is being turned off. I don’t want Leila to grow up with that dependency of TV I have. This may be the easiest or the HARDEST thing I have done to myself in a long time. (Like when I gave up chocolate for lent one year, that was tough!)

On a side note, I would be the only one I know of who would create a mosaic of broken TVs but it just goes to show, you can find ANYTHING on Flickr, all you have to do is look for it!


amandajean said...

good luck with that! can't wait to hear how it goes.

Ursula said...

I gave up cable last year, and it was really hard for a few days, but soon after I felt FREE. I stopped watching tv entirely. I've recently started watching some network stuff at night again, and some cable shows online, but nothing like I used to. I think you will really like it, and your daughter, too. (I grew up without tv, and am happy about that.) Best of luck!
Oh, and I'm happy to see pictures of the "local" weather and not have to be actually in it!

Hilton Siqueira said...

Ahahah I liked the image and picked up for me.
Hilton... from Brazil

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