The (ugly) truth about painting

I am very much so a novice painter. I only started to dip my fingers/brushes in paint a few years ago. And more value based painting? I think we are approaching a month :D.

Here is what I'm learning its all about layers. Some really ugly "will this ever look pretty?" layers.

Here is the current painting I have up on my easel. No pretty picture here (yet)!

Layer one the outline/foundation of the darkest spots

Getting some flesh tones laid in

Put in her irises.

Hated her irises so whited them out again!

And this is where ugly stage really comes in! I looked back at my reference photo and her eyes had gotten really low while I kept packing on the shading areas. Solution? Never be afraid to gesso out and start over? And her hands? Not feeling confident on such a detailed hand so gessoed that out and re-drafted her pose.

And that is where she is right now on my easel! Back to work I go, more updates soon!

Now go paint, draw, sew, write.... Whatever makes your crafty heart sing, and don't be afraid of "mistakes" think of them as just another layer of the finished product!


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