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Is it just me or does it feel like lately we go from one tragedy to another?  The recent devastating tornado in Moore, OK has left me with a heavy heart.  I am a weepy mess and felt like I wanted no NEEDED to do something.  It was while I was driving my kids that the thought of teddy bears came to me and I knew it wasnt just a silly thought, I had to do this, I needed to collect as many teddy bears as possible and so I created a FB page and a blog.  I told my family and friends and sent the information out into the world with a prayer that this would be huge that we would comfort as many kids as we could.  

I am in the very early stages but I know in my heart and soul this is only the beginning!  I would love your support of my calling, here is the blog: and the FB page:

Please share and like the facebook page, lets have this journey together!


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