Pay what you can, no really!

So as some of you may (or may not know)  I have been pushing my art for awhile, and as I have been pushing my art has taken some twists and turns really changing even from what I was doing less than 6 months ago.  Because of that I am ready to move on and find permanent homes for the art I have made over the last few years.  There is a big mix of items (some only a few months old others 3 years old!) I am ready to part with and I thought a fun way to do this would be to give those that have always wanted some of my art but didnt have the funds to be able to name your own price.  No really, I am asking that minimally the price is $5 plus shipping.  Want to pay more, great, cant, no biggie leave the price at $5 at the time of check out.  

So here is how this will work, see the link on the top of my blog that says, shop?  (Those using a feed reader, you need to click over to my site) click on that link and it will take you to all the pieces up for grabs, there are a lot of different series and as new pieces come back into inventory (I have some stores sending over some pieces to get a new rotation going) I will put them up as well.  (also those that were hoping for inspired art gals, I have a HUGE amount in inventory but I am waiting to hear back from a consignment store first before I list these, if they dont want them, they are all yours folks!)  Sorry back to the details, when you find a piece you love and must have add it to your shopping cart, if you feel the piece is worth more than the $5 minimum you can adjust the price right there in the shopping cart and then click update cart.  Now shipping, I have set it up that each piece is $10 shipping for US customers, now if the shipping is less I will refund you the cost after it is mailed back to your paypal account, so please dont let the shipping cost sway you.  International customers, please contact me for a quote and I can send you a paypal invoice.  I have set up the cart to not let you add a piece if it has already sold, but I am new with some of this html coding so if a piece has already sold, please dont get mad if I have to refund you your offer, I will also try my best to delete art pieces as they are sold but I cant guarantee how quick I will be able to do that, such is life with four kiddos running around.  

So if you got through all the fine print, yay!  Now get to shopping!


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