Finding the time to paint

The #1 question I get (especially once someone finds out I have four kids under the age of 6) is when do I find the time to paint. Some of its late nights but honestly lately I'm so tired after I get all the kids down for the night I'm pretty quick to have my own head to hit the pillow. So instead I'm creative with my time.

I put the baby in a sling. I pull out the paint during quiet time. And today since the weather is getting nice I take the paints with me to our different appointments we have during the week. I get about 30 -45 minutes a day just by doing that.

So there you go, no excuses if you want to be creative carve out the time!


Anonymous said...

first ;)

Connie said...

Oh the life of a young Mom . . . it's been a long time for me. When I visit my granddaughters 5 & 7, I realize why we have our children while we are young, LOL. I get the best sleep when I visit them . . . because I am totally worn out by the end of the day :) I'm not complaining, because it is the best worn out ever.
I love you blog and I admire you for finding the time to be creative with such a busy schedule.
You are so creative and your blog certainly shows your many talents. I am your newest follower, and I would love to invite you over to follow me back. I blog about my many interests . . . and there are many :)
Life is so short to get stuck in a rut, LOL
I hope to hear from you,
Your new blogging sister, Connie :)

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