Year end wrap up 2011


So the word for 2011 was creativity. I didnt give myself goals or a real definition of the word. I just knew I wanted to keep my creativity and keep chasing my artistic dreams.

Creativity this year was about finding my groove. Finding my voice and keep growing with my painting.

I really found my voice this year in inspirational sayings and creepy big eyed girls! The end of the year was a huge I got a website up and going. I started advertising, in a month time of going live I got two sales (which was huge for me!) I have had a handful of commission pieces, I sold a large amount of my original artwork at local indie craft shows.

I failed though in otherways. My temper was too short some times with the kids, housework was laid dormant as I chased my dreams, life sped by so fast and I feel I have truly weakened some strong connections with those I love. I dont live with regrets but I do look forward to recommit to every one I love. Because in the end they are the ones that truly matter the most.

So good bye 2011 it has been a wild ride of the highest highs and the lowest lows. I cant wait to see what 2012 will hold!


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