Putting it out there

This blog, this little blog that has been around for over five years. It has documented my kids growing up, my never ending quest to be a smidge like Martha Stewart, and my growing passion for art and creating.

The blog has been about that a lot more lately here's hoping you all don't mind! Today is about my art but with a twist... I don't want you to buy I want to give to a good cause!

I have been given the opportunity to donate my art for a silent auction a few months ago and now yesterday as a gift to those who have little to call their own.

While I would love to feed my family from making art what is even better for me is to make art that touches people's hearts and helps them to give to others who cannot help themselves.

So if you have a charity auction, a donation you are gathering, etc and you think my art is a fit send me an email.

This giving thing is pretty addicting!


LeeAnn said...

Your little ladies are always so sweet. I can't help but imagine little thought bubbles above their heads at times. Like this one is thinking, "That kid is getting awful close to my secret chocolate stash!" or "How much longer is the PTA meeting going to be? I could be binding my quilt right now!"

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