Come and say hi.... pretty please?


(Photo taken by Laurie Marie)

Ok everyone so I have been blogging for 5 years now have over 700 posts logged and have made amazing friends through this little ol blog. But you know what? Lately I feel like I am talking to myself so here's the deal....I want you to say hi.

How will I get you to say hi, I'm gonna bribe you! *smile* I will send out a card to every person who sends me a comment and one lucky commenter will get a piece of art.

So heres the deal.... leave a comment (make sure to leave your email address so I can message you to get your mailing address) tell me a little bit about yourself, how long you have been reading, what you enjoy reading about on my blog, you know that sorta thing. And for the few minutes of your time I will send you an inspired art greeting card that you can keep or pass along to someone else who you wanna say hi to!

This will be open through the end of the year (2011).... come on say hi, you know you want to!!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Stef,
I've had my eyes on you for the last 28 years and continue to enjoy watching you grow in all aspects of your life.

LeeAnn said...

LOL. Your Dad!

I have gotten out of the habit of commenting this summer, and I know it's bad! Just this week I told myself that I can't read a blog unless I have the time to comment and have something to say. I have no idea how long I have been reading. At least two kids worth. :) Right now I love how you are playing with texture/pattern/color. Not that I will be picking up a paint brush anytime soon, but I find I tuck away these details and pull them out when I sew.

Merry Christmas! I'll send you a handmade card in return!

Linnea Phillips said...

I read really often but never comment....sorry about that! I read because I feel that we are in a similar situation. Wranglin' three kids and managing to eek out some creative time....more because we NEED to than anything else. I love seeing what new projects you are working on and it inspires me to know I'm not the only crafty momma out there making a go of it. Thanks!!
Merry Christmas to you and your fam!!

camille yanair said...

hiiiiiiiiii! (in a super southern drawl:) i *adore* your art, and have been reading your blog for a little while now :) i'm a (wannabe) artist and teacher from sc, happy wednesday!

B.................. said...

Hi, hi, hi, I have only just found you but very pleased I have, like Camille (above) I'm a wannabe artist and my goal for 2012 is to spend time attempting to do so.
I'm in England so don't expect you to send me a card but I do internd to keep up with your blog xx

Anonymous said...

hi ;-) a little late to the party, but here!

Rita said...

HI Stefanie, I've only recently started looking at your blog. I love your style and am inspired by it for my own art.
Rita said...

HI! I just came over from 'smile and wave' blog - I am enjoying looking around and love your artwork - happy holidays - Nancy LeB in NS

awesome mama said...

FIVE YEARS??? okay, i don't feel so bad but i do know what you mean. i only have 45 followers, too, despite 500+ monthly visitors, my blog is very, very quiet. you can hear a pin drop. just yesterday it occured to me that duh! i don't offer fun incentives or freebies and i often blog the way i used to whine in livejournal - and nobody wants that, blogs are supposed to be happy, warm, fun, and inviting (much like yours!) but cheers to sharing some love to readers, i'm about to do the same :)


blue eyed dragonfly studio said...

Hi Stefanie,

First I want to thank you for getting my sister's Christmas present to me so fast. I received it Christmas Eve just in time to give it to her. It was fabulous and the card that came along with it was beautiful. So, Thank you! And Hi!!!!!!! Love your Art! Happy New Year! Heather :-)

ella@lifeologia said...

Your wish is my command ;)
Hello, I just found you but oh I do already adore your work and love getting a sense of you as the person behind your work ~ the artist ;)
So Hello, I'll be coming on by more often.

Jennie Frake said...

Hello There! New fan from Denver! Love your Blog!

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