My cup runneth over


Earlier in November I had a mom get in touch with me. She had seen my work at DIY Studio and Gifts and wondered if I would be available to make a painting for her husband of her daughter. I was thrilled and excited, she was so sweet and laid back! I had told her as soon as the craft shows wrapped up for the season I would get to work. So right after Craftacular I got right to work and started sketching ideas. I was given the insight of a little girl who loved the outdoors and animals. A forest sounded like the best place for her.

A tiny bird to sit on her head, an owl to look over her, and a friendly fox to help her along the way and our forest princess was complete. I love this piece I cant even express it. Once we started getting to know each other I couldnt stop painting until I was sure she was complete. Besides this holiday I promised myself I wouldnt be stressing at the last minute standing in long lines at the post office to get a piece off to a happy new home (hello last year!) so in about 24 hours of starting her, she was packaged up tied with a bow and is on her way to her new home.

I love commission work, please email me if you are interested in our own one of a kind piece!

Oh and this little gal..... I think she is the jumping point to a new series!!! Stay tuned *smile*


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