Not all was lost

Prep Work

So with the week and a half of caring for Kenson not a lot was done artwork wise. However I am a multi-tasker and have learned the art of "factory style set-up" what is that you ask? Well that is my way of saying I break everything down into single steps and just do a crap ton at that step. IE Background first, detail second, third cut out a massive amounts of heads and bodies, you get the idea. So spread out over time I was able to sit down for 15 minutes here in there during naps and such to get a handful of these done. They will be originals but I am also going to use the artwork to make into cards.

Now if I can just get my scanner to work! (argh!)

While it isnt the ideal situation, it worked for that time and I was thankful to ease some of the stress I was having emotionally I could just create for whatever time I was allowed.


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