My week in pictures

surprise visitors

These guys came to welcome me on my Monday.

naked baby!

I love diaper only babies! Hopefully it will warm up so he can be in diaper only again soon!

Cupcakes I made for Leila's Birthday (oh so yummy! And get this you could eat the butterflies even!)

garage turned party central

Decorations for Leila's birthday. I was super happy how this turned out.


A few of the canvases that are staring at me lately.

Pickled radishes I made from our first CSA box of goodies. (I have a feeling many more posts about fresh produce are coming this summer & fall)

Fresh basil, I have a black thumb so send some good juju out there for me that I dont kill this pretty pretty plant (and it smells AMAZING!!!!)


Naomi said...

beautiful!! I LOVE the decorations for the party.. lucky girl!!

firme de contabilitate said...

The butterfly from the cupcakes from what it is made? And can you give me your recipe for cupcakes please? When i use my recipe, i don`t like at all the final result, thanks

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