Fall and get back up


Wow long time no update. So here is the recap:

Kenson was sick for over a week and a half. It was hell and pretty emotionally draining. Today was the first time that for most of the day he was back to his happy go lucky self. He is still having his ucky moments but they are less prominent and he is smiles and giggles a lot more. He also is starting to pay attention to his brother again. While he was sick mommy was about the only person he wanted. That is until Grandma came *smile*

My MIL came in on a last minute trip and stayed with us for an extended weekend. We had our moments as we dont always see eye to eye but overall one of the better times we have gotten to spend with her. So I am beyond thankful for that.

With her trip ending and me getting back to work we are back in the grove so to speak. At least for now. There is a lot brewing right now and a lot of uncertainty in different aspects of our lives right now but I am just rolling with it and seeing where it takes me. Enjoy the ride right?

Lots to update on art (not much was made as it is easier to hold an infant in a sling than a 2 year old in your arms and paint) some exciting possibilities. There is also some brewing of my own mixed media store (!!!) but that is still in planning stages we may be working on that for a long time but none the less I will share all as I always do with you.

So I hope you didnt miss me too much (doubtful, but a girl needs an ego boost every once and awhile) and we will be back to "regular scheduled programing"


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